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Beautiful Tasmanian timber ruler

10 Comments | posted 9/06/10

A ruler surfaced recently while clearing out the house. I don’t know where it came from or when we obtained it, but I think it’s beautiful. It’s a little scratched, but the colours are still lovely. The separating strip of wood in the centre is polished, and has a beautiful sheen to it that the photos don’t quite do justice to. The background for the photos is actually a skate deck!

Ruler made of Tasmanian timber

Ruler made of Tasmanian timber

Ruler made of Tasmanian timber

10 responses to “Beautiful Tasmanian timber ruler”

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    Ha! We’ve got one just like that lying around here somewhere. Of course there’s zero chance I’d be able to locate it if I tried.

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    That’s always the way.

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    This thing is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for beautiful wood, and its always nice to have a ruler around. I think the best ruler I have is my one that lists all of the rulers of England since 1071.

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    Haha, I’d buy one of them for the inferred pun alone.

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    Ah yes, the rulers. I make them in Westbury Tasmania. If you’re interested phone me on 0418371692

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    Good afternoon,

    Where can I buy a Tasmanian timber ruler in Melbourne, please.

    Best wishes,


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    Graeme Briton in Tasmania makes these Tasmanian wood species rulers. You can find him at [email protected] co

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