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Elifer Santos: Website

0 Comments | posted 6/09/10

I’m pleased to announce the launch of, the online portfolio and blog of Elifer Santos. This website was part of a branding and identity project recently concluded with Eli, and serves as a way to showcase his work to new clients. You can visit the website here, or by clicking on the image below.

Featured Artist: Brian Jungen

3 Comments | posted 6/08/10

I was walking around downtown with a friend who was passing through Vancouver from Australia on his way to study on the East Coast. We had an hour to kill, so we decided to head to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Unfortunately, entry was rather expensive at $19.50, so instead we decided to browse the gift […]

Vancouver Celebration of Light 2010

3 Comments | posted 5/08/10

Over the last two weeks Vancouver has been in the grips of the Celebration of Light, an annual fireworks festival. The festival is in a competition format, and several countries compete for the best fireworks display. Not very environmentally-friendly, but pretty spectacular. We managed to catch all four shows from the USA, Spain, Mexico and […]

Trials and tribulations

0 Comments | posted 27/07/10

I’ve just moved to Vancouver with my girlfriend, V. It might seem like a big move, but I didn’t have a lot of stuff to pack up and take with me, although it always seems like more when you’re trying to cram it into two 23kg bags. I’m on a two-year WHP working visa and […]

Orb-Weaver photographs

1 Comment | posted 4/07/10

A couple of months ago I discovered a huge Orb-Weaving spider web spanning a couple of our verandah posts. The ~4-5cm spider was sitting in the middle of it, binding some insects it had recently caught. It was evening and the sun was setting behind the web, so I tried to get a few good […]