Ankhou Graphic Design

Web development, graphic design, and photography by Ian Houghton, based in Revelstoke, BC.

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Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the website, are considering hiring me, or simply want to talk.

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  • Visit my LinkedIn profile for an overview of my previous employment, a description of my skills, and a number of references.

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  • My Behance account is a no frills version of my portfolio.

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  • If you prefer to contact me through Facebook, that’s fine too.

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  • I mainly use Tumblr to collate material I post everywhere else. It’s a great archival tool!

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  • Visit my Twitter account (@ankhou) for stream-of-consciousness posting, venting and interesting tidbits.

  • Check out my to see what genres of music I listen to. Hint: most of them.