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Vancouver Celebration of Light 2010

3 Comments | posted 5/08/10

Over the last two weeks Vancouver has been in the grips of the Celebration of Light, an annual fireworks festival. The festival is in a competition format, and several countries compete for the best fireworks display. Not very environmentally-friendly, but pretty spectacular. We managed to catch all four shows from the USA, Spain, Mexico and […]

SE Asia: Vang Vieng

0 Comments | posted 3/07/10

Here’s my final set of photos from South East Asia from one of the more notable locations on our trip. Vang Vieng is Laos’ answer to Thailand’s Khaosan Road, except with smaller amounts of gimcrackery. The focus is less on selling useless gifts and more on shovelling as many intoxicants into tourists as their bodies […]

SE Asia: Sukhothai

1 Comment | posted 26/06/10

Just a short photo post this time. I’ve sorted through the photos I took of Sukhothai, which we visited in early January prior to our friends’ wedding as part of a tour of the area around Nakhon Sawan. Apparently Sukhothai was once Thailand’s capital. The drive there was long, and delayed for two hours at […]

SE Asia: Siem Reap & Vientiane

0 Comments | posted 20/05/10

Siem Reap It’s been less than a week and I’ve actually found the time to get some more photos up, who would’ve thought? I’ve combined two locations into one here because there weren’t enough high-quality photos from either one to make the post a decent size. The first set of photos are from Siem Reap […]

SE Asia: Phnom Penh

3 Comments | posted 14/05/10

It’s been a hectic few weeks with uni and work, but I’ve finally found the time to put up some more photos. These ones are from our trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia. We flew in from Bangkok after coming back from Pai in the North, so the immediate poverty we saw after landing was […]